Buying or selling land?

Each year in Manitoba, DUC buys about 1,000 acres to conserve the ponds and natural habitat before selling the land back to local producers.

The Revolving Land Conservation Program (RLCP) works like this. DUC will:

  • Purchase land at fair market value
  • Restore the wetlands and grasslands
  • Place a conservation agreement on the land title
  • Sell the land to producers
  • Use funds from these sales to buy other property to restore and sell

For farmers, the RLCP is a win-win.

Firstly, the land is rented to farmers while the wetlands are being restored. This keeps the land in-production and weed-free. Secondly, when the restoration is complete and DUC brings the land back to market, farmers have an opportunity to acquire affordable land.

RLCP is an alternative to DUC buying and keeping land. Under this program, habitats are protected and land remains in agricultural use.

Arable acres on RLCP lands are available for rent. Tenders close on March 20 of each year.

Contact DUC about land sales

Lena Van Den Elsen