Boost your profits

Winter wheat is a must-grow in Manitoba. With excellent yield potential and return on investment, farmers have found winter wheat to be one of their most profitable crops.

Winter wheat uses moisture in the fall and early spring, so it has better water utilization compared to spring-seeded crops. And if wet fields make spring seeding a problem, you can rest easier knowing winter wheat is already in the ground.

New high-yielding varieties like Wildfire and Goldrush are available with improved winter hardiness, protein content and disease tolerance. Read about our research to help farmers save fertilizer costs when growing winter wheat.

Ryan Downey inspects his winter wheat swathes near Coulter (photo DUC)

Click on the picture to read what Manitoba farmers including Ryan Downey from Coulter say about DUC’s winter wheat program (photo DUC)

DUC winter wheat incentives

Our Winter Wheat Program offers farmers these incentives:

  • Payments averaging $4,000 to participating producers
  • Crop nutrition planning from Western Ag’s PRS CropCaster Tool
  • Grain marketing advice from FarmLink Marketing Solutions
  • DUC agrologist support from seeding to harvest

Ready for a less stressful spring? Eager to harvest in early August? Grow winter wheat. Don’t just take our word on it. Hear from Manitoba farmers about why winter wheat is vital in their crop rotations.

DUC specialist Alex Griffiths inspects winter winter at the Higgott farm near Newdale MB in 2021 (photo DUC)

DUC Manitoba’s winter wheat expert Alex Griffiths near Newdale, MB


For more about the winter wheat program, contact:

Alex Griffiths