Wetland restoration.

We do the work and you get a cheque.

Sign a 10-year restoration agreement and receive up to $2,000 per acre. Get up to $4,000 per acre with a perpetual agreement. We also cover all legal fees and expenses for surveying and construction.

Simply, we restore naturally occurring water levels on drained or altered wetlands. Landowners can hay and graze the restored wetlands during the term of the agreement but cannot drain the land. When the agreement expires, government regulations on drainage will apply.

Wetland restoration can also be part of a conservation agreement or forage program. It all starts by discussing a shared vision of the land with a DUC representative.

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map shows Ducks Unlimited Canada conservation target zones in Manitoba

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Kylie Nielsen

Kiera Senkbeil

Jane Haglund-Scott

Minnedosa/Rapid City/Erickson
Matt Tower

Kristi Stebanuk