Rejuvenate pastures

DUC’s sod seeding pilot program pays you $35/acre and provides extensive agronomic support.

Prevent tillage of grasslands while improving plant diversity, optimizing pollinator habitat and increasing livestock feed quality in poorly producing pasturelands.

Program details:

  • 10-year term
  • Agreement is pro-rated, allowing for early exit
  • Nothing is tied to land title and no carbon credits are claimed under the agreement
  • 30-acre minimum to qualify
  • Eligible on pasture acres, including rented land (with landowner permission)
  • Not eligible for broadcast seeding establishments
  • A winning record: DUC has successfully established 1,200 acres of sod seeding in Manitoba
  • DUC agrologists will assist producers with seed mix formulation, seeding rates and equipment specifics to ensure successful establishments
  • A grazing management plan is included, with advice on enhancing pasture productivity
  • Field(s) must fall within DUC’s Target Areas to qualify

cover of Sod Seeding program pamphletAm I eligible?

Connect with DUC about program eligibility:

Charlotte Crawley