Make every acre count.

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Marginal Areas Program offers an option for farmers who have identified areas on their farm where they are realizing negative returns on investment. It pays a financial incentive to seed hard to access, saline and weedy areas to perennial forages, a practice proven to improve the profitability of the most productive acres.

Along with improving profitability, forages increase pollinator habitat and biodiversity, reduce herbicide-resistant weeds, act as buffer zones to meet product label guidelines and can help manage clubroot issues.

Receive $135/acre on eligible land and get a free Pollinator Power Pak.

NEW in 2023: Fall dormant seeding program!

Interested in seeding marginal areas on your farm but find the acres are difficult to access in spring?

DUC is making it easier to get forage seed in the ground in fall while access is good and soil moisture will only get better. If you’re able to do your own seeding, we’re paying a per acre financial incentive. Or let us do it for you! We’ve arranged free custom seeding in some areas of the province.

Contact us to learn more: 1-866-252-3825 or 

Harvested annual crop in the background, perennial forage established through DUC’s Marginal Areas Program in the foreground. There are lots of agronomic benefits to the practice and you’ll be doing your part for wildlife, too.