March 2024: East-central Saskatchewan lands open for grazing leases

In ongoing efforts to manage DUC-held properties as waterfowl and wildlife habitat while also assisting Saskatchewan livestock producers meet the need for adequate forage, DUC is inviting “Expression of Interest” applications for several grazing leases in east-central Saskatchewan.

Considerations for leasing include:

  1. Pasture is unsupervised.
  2. Livestock grazing period – July 15 to October 1, in alternating years.
  3. Stocking rate based on 75% of assessed AUMs.
  4. Lessee is responsible for yearly maintenance of fences.
  5. Present lease rate of $0.90/day per cow-calf pair.

Applicants will be scored based on proximity to DUC land. However, the final determination is at the discretion of DUC. Only selected individuals will be contacted.


Land is available for lease in the following Rural Municipalities:


RM of Lipton

  • SW17-24-15-W2 (Belof – Purchase)
  • NE7-24-15-W2 (Belof – Purchase)


RM of Ituna Bon Accord

  • SE28-25-12-W2 (Golemba Purchase)
  • SW26-25-12-W2 (Klimczak Purchase)
  • SW18-26-11-W2 (Boczulak)
  • NW31-26-11-W2 (W.Boczulak)


RM of Insinger

  • SE24-30-9-W2 (Ebels Marsh)
  • N ½ 33-30-7-W2 (Stonyview)


RM of Buchanan

  • E½ 33-31-6-W2 (Muskaluk)


RM of Sliding Hills

  • SW25-28-1-W2 (Sliding Hills Uplands)


If you are interested in leasing, please complete the 2024 Grazing Lease Application and email completed form to or text to 306-620-5962 before April 1, 2024.

Find land to hay or graze

Each summer, DUC connects with Saskatchewan farmers looking for additional hay or grazing through our hay tender process. Sound management of pastureland keeps forage stands healthy and vigorous, helps with weed control, and also maintains productive habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. In 2023, DUC made over 60,000 acres of land available to area producers through this program.

Our 2024 Hay Tender process will open in June 2024.

Check back here for a complete list of available parcels. The process closes in the second week of July with access to parcels typically granted on or around July 15 of each year.

For more information, please call 1-866-252-3825 or email

See our full suite of programs and delivery area map here.