Your land in ART.

DUC is offering a high-detailed mapping product, an Ag Resource Tool, to Saskatchewan landowners.

ART provides an overhead view using current satellite imagery and comes with an industry reputation as a valuable land management tool. The level of detail can be tailored to suit your needs, ranging from basic imagery to maps indicating fence lines, water for livestock and gates. These maps are a useful reference for grazing and rotation planning, communicating with cooperators/managers, and plotting out future developments.

With ART, you can:

  • Tabulate acres of land cover type, e.g. annual crops, native grass, tame grass, wetlands, so you have reliable information on acreage of each type of cover in each field and can manage accordingly.
  • Calculate stocking rates and plan rotations to facilitate sustainable rangeland grazing plans.

DUC will provide a laminated map of your land holdings to the level of detail you require, free of charge. (Available in poster size!) We’ll contact you annually for map updates and provide information on relevant producer events and programs in your area.

Basic or detailed, the choice is yours; customize for YOUR operation.

Contact DUC to find out how you can see your land in ART. Call 1-866-252-3825 or email