Wetland restoration creates a powerful ripple effect that generates real environmental gains. When wetlands are returned to the landscape, birds come back. Pollinators come back. And so do the land’s natural abilities to defend against things like floods and droughts.

Put water back on your land

Bringing wetlands back to life lessens the impacts of drought, provides healthy water areas for livestock and improves biodiversity. Wetland Program FAQs.
Learn how wetland restoration is a key component of healthy, sustainable rural landscapes.

We work to conserve. manage and restore parcels of land across Alberta. Our restoration programs focus on restoring naturally occurring water levels of drained or altered wetlands. Partner with us and get expert technical assistance, and in some regions, project funding and compensation are also available. Wetland Program FAQs.

Wetland Restoration Lease Program

Through DUC-Alberta’s Wetland Restoration Lease Program, landowners are compensated based on current fair market value for restoring previously drained wetlands under a 10-year lease.

The restored wetlands continue to be managed by the landowner. These areas may be hayed or grazed, but they cannot be drained, altered, or tilled during the term of the agreement.

If you are a landowner or cattle producer and have drained wetlands on grazing lands you may be a good fit for this program. This program could also be used as a partial source of financing for new land.

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