Alberta Beef Initiative

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We know grazing cattle benefits grasslands, wetlands, healthy soils and biodiversity.
We know agriculture. It’s where we work.
It’s who we work with. And we want to do more with you.

Preserve intact native or tame habitat, while still managing it as you see fit. Eligible lands can qualify for financial compensation with our Conservation Easement Program.

Restore your previously drained wetlands and get paid. All restoration work and project costs are covered with our Wetland Restoration Lease Program.

Reduce your input costs associated with the conversion of cultivated lands into perennial forage. Get paid per acre on eligible land with our Forage Program.

Protect wetland habitat loss, with no management restrictions or caveats on the land title with our Rangeland Improvement Program.

Do you have native or tame pasturelands that are associated with an abundance of wetland habitat? The overall goal of the Rangeland program is to ensure these habitats remain intact while also rewarding landowners for their outstanding stewardship of the land.

  • DUC provides compensation for eligible lands, with no limitations on how the funds can be utilized. This 10-year term agreement will protect the land from habitat loss, with no management restrictions or caveats on the land title.

Raising beef in Canada is good for the environment. Learn more

Federal government supports Alberta Beef Producers-led collaborative Living Labs project

From the Alberta Beef Producers’ 2022 press release:

Ducks Unlimited Canada is one-of-16 partners working on this project. The project team hopes to recruit approximately 50 beef, forage, and cropping producers as core participants, including feedlots and Indigenous communities.

Project participants will be primarily located in three geographical regions: the Peace region, Edmonton/Central region, and Lethbridge region.

The project team will work directly with producers to develop and implement on-farm beneficial management practices (BMPs) that help to store carbon and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

“Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is excited to be a partner on this Living Labs project. Its focus on a collaborative, innovative approach to BMPs, conservation and agricultural advancements while applying sound scientific solutions to our environmental challenges, is proactive and intelligent. The Living Labs team is a collective group of well-rounded industry leaders, along with farmers and ranchers, who share a vision for beneficial outcomes for the agricultural sector, independent land managers and all Albertans.” – Craig Bishop, Senior Lead, Agriculture, DUC.

Other partners include agriculture commissions, Indigenous communities, NGOs, research institutions, and private industry.

The desired outcome will be to develop practical systems-based approaches that work on-farm, increasing adoption of BMPs by producers.

Read the full Press Release