Conservation Easements

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Conservation easements: Protecting your land for future generations

Check out our conservation easement Frequently Asked Questions page. Our local conservation delivery team would be happy to discuss property and situation specifics, as well as provide advice on the steps you can take to protect your land for generations to come. Call us today at 1-866-479-3825 or email

Conservation easements are legal tools to help you protect the natural areas on your land. Landowners retain the right to manage the easement habitat area, ensuring they continue to generate income for generations from permissible activities.

Eligible lands can qualify for financial compensation, which is based on the fair market value.

A conservation easement preserves the natural integrity and features of all or part of the land in perpetuity by limiting the amount and type of development that can occur. This is accomplished through a voluntary, mutually agreed upon legal agreement between a landowner and DUC-Alberta.