Marginal Areas Program

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Make every acre count

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Check out how DUC-Alberta’s Marginal Areas Program (MAP) increases your profits while farming fewer acres with our fact sheet.

MAP provides a financial solution to unproductive land within annual cropped fields by seeding perennial forages. Program participants can graze, hay, mow, or leave idle.

This program is just one way DUC partners with Alberta growers to increase the profitability of their land.

Forages improve profitability, increase pollinator habitat and biodiversity, reduce herbicide-resistant weeds, act as buffer zones to meet product label guidelines and manage clubroot issues. Learn how to receive per acre incentives on eligible land and get a bonus Pollinator-friendly Power Pak.

Marginal Areas Program gets a boost with Pheasants Forever Partnership

The saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” is the case with Alberta’s newest partner on the Marginal Areas Program.  

The habitat conservation group Pheasants Forever Canada is now investing $50,000 over the next two years in Alberta. This support will help farmers with a financial solution for areas of unproductive cropland. 

 The Pheasants Forever Canada investment will help boost this incentive to producers and expand awareness of the organization and its own Save the Edges campaign in Alberta. 

 Why MAP is so appealing to other conservation groups 

Increasing perennial cover on the landscape benefits upland game birds such as roughed grouse, grey partridge, and pheasants. Perennial cover also supports biodiversity, beneficial insects, waterfowl, and other wildlife species. 

 The collaboration and outreach opportunities that this new partnership will generate are of great benefit to our mandate for waterfowl, biodiversity, and sustainability on the prairie landscape.