October 3, 2019

Guardians of the Grasslands

Ducks Unlimited Canada partners with new documentary to explore role of cattle in protecting Canadian grasslands

Native prairie grasslands are iconic landscapes in Canada providing vital habitat for over 60 at-risk species and offering much of the carbon capture potential for our country. However, they are disappearing at an alarming rate – even though considered one of the most endangered ecosystems in the entire world. A new short documentary, Guardians of the Grasslands, looks at the integral role cattle play in maintaining and preserving grasslands for the plant and animal species calling these areas home. Created in collaboration with local ranchers and wildlife and conservation groups, Ducks Unlimited Canada is proud to partner with special film screenings across Canada.

Ducks Unlimited Canada beef specialists work with ranchers and the entire cattle industry every day to support the conservation of our most threatened ecosystems. Watch them in this new documentary and see the connection between cattle and conservation and why ranchers are integral to maintaining Canada’s natural areas.