May 13, 2021

Ducks Unlimited Canada applauds Walmart Canada and the CRSB on new sustainable partnership

Retailer commits to environmental stewardship through sourcing

Stonewall, Man. – Canada’s cattle farmers and ranchers are once again being recognized for their commitment to sustainability through a new partnership between Walmart Canada and the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is a proud and active supporter of the CRSB and calls the collaboration an important win for environmental stewardship.

Walmart Canada recently announced it is now sourcing beef from Canadian certified sustainable farms and ranches. It’s a move that demonstrates leadership through action, and sends a clear message to the public that their food is being raised in a responsible way.

“When people see the CRSB Certified logo on beef sold at Walmart Canada stores across the country, they’re seeing important recognition of Canadian farmers, ranchers and rural communities,” says DUC CEO, Karla Guyn. “Companies who source certified sustainable beef are showing they care about healthy grasslands and water by supporting the farms that protect these critical natural features.”

The news shows the positive impact of strong, effective partnerships across the supply chain.

When all stakeholders in a value chain come together for a common goal, it sends a signal to Canadians that we are all working together for the greater good. It is due to these partnerships that natural areas, such as grasslands and wetlands, are being recognized for the environmental and societal benefits they provide.

In the face of a changing climate, Canada’s wetlands and grasslands are valuable ecosystems that provide clean water and healthy soil to grow and raise our food. They also store carbon, buffer the effects of drought and flooding, and provide vital habitat for countless wildlife, pollinators and species at risk.

“Making up one of the largest conservation communities in our country, Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers play a critical role in the health of our landscape, and we are proud to work with them every day,” says Guyn. “We’re pleased to see retailers and food service companies supporting this industry, and in turn, supporting our grassland and wetland ecosystems.”

Sustainable agriculture is key to Canada’s economic and environmental wellbeing, and DUC is in a unique position to help our partners and the agriculture industry find nature-based solutions that are founded on science. DUC will continue supporting sustainable practices on farms and ranches by offering these important stewards conservation programming that benefits their land and operation.

To learn more about why DUC supports the Canadian beef industry, visit and see why Beef Belongs – a section explaining how raising cattle benefits the environment.


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