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You have much to gain from our landowner programs. From financial incentives, land management advice, and a down-to-earth partner who’s in it for the long haul.

We understand agriculture and we know Alberta farmers. We live and work side-by-side with them every day. Our conservation programs have evolved over time to suit you better and our conservation program staff can show you how. Let's talk.

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Make every acre count. 

The Marginal Areas Program increases your profits while farming fewer acres. It provides a financial incentive to seed those hard-to-access/poorly producing areas to perennial forages.

Forages improve profitability, increase pollinator habitat and biodiversity, reduce herbicide-resistant weeds, act as buffer zones to meet product label guidelines and manage clubroot issues. This program is designed to seed down small areas that are unprofitable to grow crops while farming less land better.

Receive per acre incentives on eligible land and get a bonus Pollinator Power Pak.

Let’s find a solution for those unproductive acres.

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Conservation easements: Protecting your land for future generations

A conservation easement (CE) is a voluntary, mutually agreed upon legal agreement between a landowner and Ducks. A CE preserves the natural integrity and features of all or part of the land in perpetuity by limiting the amount and type of development that can occur. The landowner retains the right to manage the habitat area covered by a CE. Have questions? We have answers.

Check out our program sheet.

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Put water back on your land

Help lessen the impacts of drought on your land by restoring a previously drained wetland.

Our restoration programs focus on restoring naturally occurring water levels of drained or altered wetlands.

By partnering with us, you’ll receive expert technical assistance, and in some regions, project funding and compensation is also available.

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Wetland Restoration Lease Program

Landowners are compensated based on current fair market value for previously drained wetlands that are restored under a 10-year lease. Restored wetlands are managed by the landowner.

These areas may be hayed or grazed, but they cannot be drained, altered or tilled during the term of the agreement. Landowners and cattle producers who have drained wetlands on grazing lands are often a very good fit for this program.

This program could also be used as a partial source of financing for new land.

Looking to buy land?

We have properties available through our Revolving Land Conservation Program.

This is how it works. We purchase land. We restore the property’s wetlands and grasslands, then place a conservation easement on the land title. That’s when the land becomes available for purchase and is put back in the hands of the agricultural community.

Proceeds from land sales are used to fund other conservation projects in the area.

Looking for land or want to sell land and need more info?

View current listings here.

For more information, call 1-866-479-3825.

If you would like to be notified when a new property becomes available under DUC’s RLC program, please send your contact information to and we will add you to our mailing list!

Find land to hay or graze

Every year, we open land for haying and/or grazing by tender. 2022 tenders will be released on Feb. 1, and can be viewed here.

Agreement forms must be used in the bidding process. See samples of the Haying Contract and Grazing Contract.

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Grow winter wheat

Winter wheat is a must-grow crop. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit and hear from all the farmers we work with and learn why winter wheat is a vital crop in their rotations year after year.

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Grow more forage

One of our most popular programs and a solution to the lack of quality feed in some areas due to dry conditions – the forage program from DUC and our partners is the real deal.

Get financial incentives to convert cultivated land to hay or pasture.

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Help me find the perfect solution.

Not sure what program will work for you? Let’s talk. We have flexible options to complement your farm management plans. All programs take your specific production goals in mind and can be combined to maximize the benefits of your land.

We’re here to help. Find my nearest office.

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